Welcome to the My Eco Track Project!

Despite being a recently more discussed topic, climate protection is still overwhelmingly broad for most people. The people participating in climate protection activities and those who are actively changing their behaviour towards a greener future, are often the same who are already aware of the environmental challenges, measures to be taken and changes for one’s own daily practices.

This is especially the case for climate education. Basic knowledge on climate and environment is covered through multiple subjects in school, at the same time climate change and environmental protection are not seen as a mandatory part of the curriculum, leaving young people without any proper climate education. Meanwhile youth workers see themselves confronted with an overflow of materials, much of the materials filled with very scientific knowledge and they might not have the resources to go through all the materials.

Our objectives

The My Eco Track project aims to address the youth workers’ need for learning content, innovative and engaging methodologies regarding climate education, as well as young people’s need to be able to directly connect the learning content to their personal situation and concerns. All while developing materials and resources which are user-friendly and easy to understand and adapt. 

  • Raise youth workers’ and young people’s awareness on climate change
  • Engage young people who might not have been interested in the topic before
  • Enable young people to develop competences on sustainabiliy and climate friendly behaviour
  • Enable young people to learn about climate change whenever and wherever they prefer